If you’re someone like me that always wants to try the newest in product be it skincare, cosmetic or lifestyle but like me, being a young professional in a city like Toronto, puts a limit on your wallet, there’s a few options I’ve found that have allowed me to explore brands without costing an exorbitant amount.

1. Asking for samples

Many retailers, especially speaking from the beauty industry, allow prospective customers to sample products in-store or even online.

The Detox Market – ‘My Little Sample Bag’ $7.99 + shipping

Four samples of any product online, either makeup, skincare of haircare.

Sephora – Free!

Online – 3 free samples with every order

In-store – Just ask for a sample, or a few. I’ve never dealt with a Sephora associate that didn’t allow a few samples, so don’t allow the comments online to deter you from having that opportunity. The quantity of the sample won’t be much but at least it allows you to see if how your skin reacts with the product or if the colour compliments you. I’ve asked for 4 at most, but you could push your luck. Have you asked for more than 4? What was your experience like?

2. Subscription Beauty Boxes

Header image from globallookingglass.com

Petit Vour – $23 month-to-month (CAD)

The most unique in product selection, this company was founded by Madeline Alcott, who grew dissatisfied with the lack of transparency in the beauty industry. How many of us can agree with that?

I tried this subscription for a few months last year and am still going through my samples! I enjoyed the beautifully designed cards and opening that hot pink box felt like Christmas every month. For Canadians, these boxes always arrived so quickly in the beginning of the month, I was always impressed. Their customer service and attention they take to responding to my comments on social media has had me reconsidering trying this box again in the future—once I use up all I have first. I love that they continually stay true to their mission, in providing the creme de la creme of ethical luxuries to modern day women who love feminine and classic flair.