Living sustainably is about living within your means whilst being mindful of the environment and resources. Living in a city like Toronto, a bustling city with lots of people using resources and producing garbage, it’s important more than ever to find way to recycle easily.

With a busy life, everyone tends to live in Toronto, I find we often rush the small little things and often because of circumstance. I’ll use myself as an example; I live in a high rise apartment where the recycling and garbage chute are accessible on each floor, but not the compost. The recycling is a small bin divided between 15 apartments each floor, and you can get the idea that it is often overflowing by noon on weekends. This leads to people throwing recyclable materials down the garbage chute because the lack of space or the inconvenience to go one floor down and drop off there—if there is room. The compost most annoyingly is out side the building, leading residents to again throw down the chutes especially in cold or rainy weather. And sure I’ve done it too but I feel guilty about it—Ick. It’s a small act but multiplied by 200 residents in one building that’s one hell of a buildup.

So how can we find ways to be more environmentally responsible in our day to day—what’s easier, quicker for our hectic lives. If you have ways on how you live sustainably please share below—I’d love to hear your take.

Around the house:

  • Open your blinds and make use of the natural light! Got plants? Perfect! Just use white curtains to keep you from being overly exposed to sunlight and keep your plants lined along the ledge, behind the curtains.
  • Use LED lights versus florescent or incandescent lights. They’re longer lasting_about 5-10 times more— durable, mercury FREE, and in case you have touchy toddlers they’re cool and won’t contribute to heat build-up.
  • Hand wash your clothes if it’s just a few items. It drives me nuts when someone uses the washing machine to wash one pair of pants. Anyone feel the same? Like why.


Out and About:

  • Keep a few reusable bags in the car. If you need to grocery shop or just need a bag in general, avoid using plastic as much as possible.
  • Support local farmer’s markets—they produce much more flavourful veggies and fruits and remember to buy within your means. We often buy more at the grocery store and end up throwing out veggies because we forgot, or life just got in the way.


At Work:

  • Buy a cute coffee mug or keep a travel mug—or a few if you’re as forgettable as me.
  • At the end of a work day properly recycle things in your garbage can, just in case the cleaners throw it all in the trash.