What is sustainable luxury lifestyle? To help define those three words, let’s take it apart first. Sustainable, or sustainability is the development of human infrastructure while at the same time utilizing natural resources and systems in an efficient way. The end result is a culture and society where both ends are met without sacrificing natural resources.
Now luxury. I think we all have an idea some may say timelessness, or high-end or fashion but I would say in the most simplest terms, luxury is extravagance. When I think of luxury there’s one scene in Pretty Woman where Mr.Lewis drives a 1989 Lotus, struggling to maneuver the manual stick but Vivienne is amazed by the extravagance of the vehicle. Or another example, while shooting the 1960’s movie “Cleopatra” on location in Rome, Elizabeth Taylor had fresh chili flown in from Chasen’s restaurant in LA. Get the idea?

When we mix those two into lifestyle, what does that mean today? It sounds like these two can’t go together right? Take a friend that’s green friendly, thinks about the environment and a friend that enjoys a good rose as they shop for Chanel on Nordstrom. Could these two have any similarities? I think both could agree on quality, not quantity, sourcing from artisanal materials and their lifestyle being essential to each others’ lives. When they come together we see great design and practicality. Products that are made with quality materials and at times expensive. It’s a new age of a lifestyle and one I hope to share and be a part of. How could we buy less, buy better but still enjoy small luxuries without sacrificing an exorbitant amount of our income?

Here’s one company is Paris that’s part of the mission of connecting with businesses to develop strategies with brands to build a more sustainable world. Bsrg.org Some of the members are a few of my favourite brands like Nikon, The Gap and Coca-Cola. Of course there could be much more members for green friendly beauty brand but their membership is pretty high so that takes care of the big shots producing the most for consumers today.

Anyway as a first introduction post to this blog I’d like to leave you with what the goal of this blog is. No doubt these goals will change but here’s where I’m at today. This blog isn’t solely looking at sustainable luxury in areas of fashion, beauty or consumer goods but my hope is that this blog could also sharing how we can enjoy life’s luxuries in a sustainable way.