As our Canadian summer draws near, I’m currently planning my vacation and possible excursions to enjoy some of Ontario’s beautiful parks in celebrating Canada 150th. For any Canadian reading this, if you haven’t picked up your Canada 150th Discovery Pass, get on it now! It’s completely free and gives you unlimited opportunities to visit many national parks, conversation areas and historic sites across Canada. You only need one pass per group of family. Just a side note it took about one month for the pass to arrive in the mail.

So I thought I’d share a 3 products that I’ve found that would be unique experiences to add to your stay in the natural world.


BioLite CampStove 2

$175 CAD ($129.95 US)

I came across this product while I going through my Instagram ‘story’ feed. I saw this product as a cool new stuff segment on Refinery29, I believe. Now my experience camping so far has been in one of Algarve’s (Portugal) glam camps, I call them. It wasn’t a true wilderness experience because there were showers, pools and restaurants on the campsite. But when it came to cooking food, camp security did not appreciate heavy smoke fires or bbq burning after 10pm, especially last year (there were a quite a number of forest fires across Portugal, due the dry heat last year). I thought this product would have been a great solution in the case of cooking food without the heavy smoke and therefore not disrupting security protocol with smoke.

What’s so cool about this product? Not only does it produce a smokeless fire but the energy created from the fire becomes usable electricity that charges a battery source on the side, allowing you to charge your phones or tablets. How innovative is that?! The 3 icons on the side give you feedback on the strength of the fire, the output of power and the fans current speed setting. There’s only one USB port unfortunately, but the charge is 50% stronger, leaving phones or tablets to charge faster. It burns only wood and can cook and boil water in minutes. I myself haven’t tried the product but the amount of technology and innovation in this machine for only $175 CAD) is worth giving it a try. If you’ve purchased this product, let me know in the comments if you’ve enjoyed it or just share your thoughts.

Bell Tents

Search on amazon.

On my wish list is a bell tent like the one picked above. This is the centerpiece that I think defines ‘glamping’ because I can dress up the interior space like Kubilai Khan’s space from a scene out of Marco Polo. They are bit on the pricey end but the great part is that they’re made out of natural materials (either canvas or cotton) meaning more breathability and better humidity regulation. The only downside is that cotton is more sensitive to dirt and fungus than nylon and polyester but many brands have added features for increased longevity and protection.


Compartment Cooking Pans

$40 – $80 CAD

My current divided pan is a life-saver when I’m cooking a bacon and pancakes breakfast those odd Saturday mornings. Living in a small apartment in Toronto, it’s not only a time saver but a space saver. It’s a no brainer to pack a non-stick grill/ fry skillet for a camping trip because it saves from packing up to 4 pans to cook a full meal. It only requires one burner, or you can put a grill over your fire pit. Bacon, eggs and oatmeal for breakfast—can’t wait!